Regarding artist submissions/inquiries… I am not actively looking to add anyone the roster, but thank you for your interest.

ComboPlate Booking is an Austin based booking agency run by me, Laura Thomas. Born and raised in Austin, the love of music, and especially live music, is in my blood. ComboPlate opened in 1999, and I am truly honored to have worked with each artist I have since then. As I approach the silver anniversary of my agency, I have decided to step back and am now a two artist agency, still representing Nathan Hamilton and Matt The Electrician, both of who I have represented for over 20 years. The decision to step back has not been an easy one. I owe so much gratitude to the artists I have represented over the years, and especially these artists of most recent years: Nels Andrews, BettySoo, JM Stevens, Curtis McMurtry, Greg Vanderpool, Raina Rose, Beaver Nelson, David Berkeley, Michael Fracasso, AJ Roach. Y’all are family to me. Seriously, I feel I am the luckiest booking agent around to have worked with the amazing artists I have. Please go to all of their web sites, listen to their music, buy their music, and go to live shows. Thank you for supporting live music and independent artists, we need you now more than ever.

Laura Thomas
ComboPlate Booking
phone 512.423.7667
email: laura at comboplatebooking dot com

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