Kind Words From Presenters

Here are some quotes from presenters with whom we have worked.  If you would like to add your own words here, please email us.

“In the 15+ years I have worked with ComboPlate, I have always found Laura to be the most reasonable person to deal with while still doing right by her artists. ComboPlate represents integrity and quality in artistry.” – Jesse Lundy, Point Entertainment, Philadelphia, PA

“I starting working with Laura right at the beginning of my career. She set the bar very high for my experience working with agents. She’s simply the best. Easy to work with, kind and has a roster that will folk your face off. I’ve learned so much from our business relationship. So much of the success I’ve had presenting shows is due to learning from Laura in the beginning of my career. Thank you ComboPlate!!” – KC Turner Presents, San Francisco, CA

“One of the only agents I really like working with….and what a GREAT roster!” – Chris Maxwell, Red Dragon Listening Room, Baton Rouge, LA

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Laura Thomas and her sublimely-curated roster of musicians. As a presenter, I know I cannot go wrong booking a ComboPlate artist!”
– David Holiday, Stone Room Concerts, Falls Church, VA

“I’ve worked with a plethora of agents over the last twenty-seven years and ComboPlate’s maven, Laura Thomas, is one of my very favorites. I admire Laura’s passion, persistence & loyalty to her artists and venues. I also know if she signs an artist to her boutique roster, they are supremely talented and ever worthy of presenting. Laura’s a true believer and her support for the songwriter scene is truly inspiring…. and she helped save the Cactus!” – Griff Luneburg, Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX

“I’ve always enjoyed working with ComboPlate artists. Laura has a good ear and represents quality singer-songwriters who put on great shows!”- Peggie Jones, Sings Like Hell, Santa Barbara, CA

“I love working with Laura Thomas. She is an agent that I trust to go with me every step of the way to figure out what is best for her artists and their appearance at our Festival. It is always a pleasure to hear from her and to see her when we meet while supporting our music habit. She is in it for the long haul and shows great patience and perseverance when others give up; her artists are very fortunate to have her booking and promoting them. I will continue to book from her roster for many years to come.” – Dalis Allen, Producer Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, TX

“If I were an artist, I’d be THRILLED to have Laura Thomas in my corner. Few agents are as passionate about their roster as Laura and her ComboPlate agency. As a presenter, I never feel that I am being “sold” a show and always find that Laura is looking for the best situation for both artist and presenter, and as such, we’ve always had success together. The ComboPlate line up is top notch, and working with Laura is a joy!”
– Lincoln Myerson, McCabe’s Guitar Shop, Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve worked with Laura at Comboplate Artists since 2004 and always find it a pleasure. She has great clients who I’m happy to call members of the Living Room family.” – Jennifer Gilson, The Living Room, New York City

“I’ve been working with Laura at ComboPlate booking for years now. She has a great stable of talent and it’s always a pleasure to work with her!” – Matt Smith, Club Passim, Cambridge MA

“I have been working with Laura Thomas and ComboPlate Booking for many years now and I am always happy with how professional and courteous Laura is and how she always follows through on anything I might need. Her roster is great I would love to just do a night of ComboPlate Artists all together singing pop/rock, folk, blues, country and all manner of Americana.” – Greg Johnson, The Blue Door, Oklahoma City, OK

“It’s always a pleasure to arrange events and book any of the fabulous artists on ComboPlate’s roster… I’s are always dotted and T’s crossed and the arrangements and exchanges are invariably pleasurable!”
– Gerry Evans, Twickenham Folk Club, London, England

“Anything Laura & Comboplate brings to the UK is always classy. I am always very happy working with her roster.” – Graham Anderson, Northern Roots, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK