February 2024
If you are reading this, thank you! I have not been updating this web site regularly as I’m having trouble updating it. For those who don’t know, ComboPlate Booking is now a two artist agency representing Nathan Hamilton and Matt The Electrician. The “Meet The Roster” side bar to the left is not current, because of the aforementioned problems. Hopefully one day I will figure it out. This month, I am happy to be back in Kansas City for the Folk Alliance International Conference February 21-25. I will be hosting private showcase room #650 and hope to see many of you there and at the conference.

September 2023
I will be at SWRFA at the end of the month and hope to see some of you there!  I’ll be sitting on the Saturday booking panel and attending showcases for sure. Reach out and we can schedule a hang.

Next February, yes I will be hosting a private showcase room once again at FAI 2024 in Kansas City. Please know I already have artists on my list for these slots, thank you for your understanding. 

July 2023
July has Matt The Electrician on the west coast, and Nathan Hamilton on the east coast. Specifics can be found on their individual web sites. You can also subscribe to our once a month newsletter, look left for the link.

May 2023
ComboPlate Booking has downsized to representing two artists. It has been a hard transition, thank you for the support.

In other news, I’m back to booking the once a month Friday Kitchen Concerts at Caritas Of Austin, please learn more on the Volunteer page and reach out if interested in volunteering. This month we are excited to have Natalie Price volunteering, and last month we hosted Amethyst Jonquille. Nathan Hamilton kicked off the official return back in February, and of course we had the one day of SXSF @ Caritas mentioned back in March. It’s been really great to be back. 

March 2023
We are happy to be hosting our public event South By Soup Fest @ Guero’s again this year on March 15th – and our private event South By Soup Fest @ Caritas (only for the diners at the Community Kitchen) on March 14th. These two events are our annual gift benefitting the Community Kitchen & Food Services Programs at Caritas of Austin. We will be fundraising at Guero’s like usual – and also online at Thank you for considering a donation and we hope to see many of you on March 15th! Schedule and details can be also found on our FB event page

January-February 2023
Happy 2023 everyone! We are gearing up for the Folk Alliance International Conference which will be in Kansas City next month, February 1-4. We will be hosting a private showcase room, room 650, on February 2/3/4. Our schedule will be released on socials soon. We hope to see many of you there!

We are also getting ready for our 19th annual (we think) South By Soup Fest benefitting Caritas of Austin’s Community Kitchen and Food Services programs. We are happy to be back at Guero’s Taco bar on Wednesday, March 15th. More information on that soon.

October/November 2022
For those interested in playing our private showcase room at FAI 2023, please know we are not accepting submissions, but thank you for thinking of us. We are also not adding to our roster at this time, thank you for your understanding.

September 2022 
Laura will be attending SWRFA this month, the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance, and she hopes to see many of you there. The conference is being held September 21-25 and taking place in Austin. 

August 2022
We are super busy booking fall and winter dates for this year. Please reach out if you are interested in presenting one of our artists and especially if you might be curious on hosting a house concert. We love teaching folks how to host!

Laura does occasional consultations in exchange for a donation to one of her favorite charities. Reach out if interested.

Current listens/recommends:
Sam Fender/Seventeen Going Under
Sub-Radio/Thoughts Lights Colors Sounds
Liam Ó Maonlaí/to be touched

June 2022
Best way to stay in touch with us is to sign up for our newsletter – look left to do so. Stay cool out there and drink lots of water.  

May 2022
We are looking forward to attending the Folk Alliance International annual conference this month, rescheduled from February. Matt The Electrician, BettySoo and JM Stevens will all be officially showcasing. We hope to see some of you there! We will also be hosting a private showcase room – please come say hello in Rm.748 and here’s our schedule:

Lastly, Our May newsletter and artist shows this month can be found here.   Thank you for dropping by here today.  

March 2022
It’s March and that means SOUP!! We are so excited to be back at Guero’s Taco Bar on Wednesday March 16, 2-8pm for our 2022 ComboPlate Booking Roster Party & South By Soup Fest. We will be raising $$ for the Caritas Food Programs, and we can’t wait to see each and every one of you there. It’s been way too long. xo

January – February 2022
Happy belated new year.  Shows have slowed down with the new variant.  The spring is looking positive, and that makes us happy.  February is where we usually talk about the Folk Alliance International conference.  This year’s conference will now be in May, stay tuned for more on that as we get closer.  Stay safe out there!