2011 News

Office will be closed November 29-December 11.

Brennen Leigh will be this month’s Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer. Rumor is Noel McKay will join her. Thanks for volunteering!

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Moving Blues/Movin’ In Time

Nathan Hamilton’s latest CD “Beauty, Wit & Speed” hit the streets late October. Congratulations Nathan on a great release – we love it!

Michael Fracasso, Nathan Hamilton & Matt The Electrician all tour in Europe this month – check out their individual web sites for the low down.

Big thanks to Miranda Dawn & Chris Hawkes for volunteering for this month’s Friday Concert at Caritas. Everyone is looking forward to it!

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Josh Ritter/The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter

Good luck to Moonlight Towers @ CMJ! They will be performing on Saturday, October 22 if you are there – check out their web site for all of the details.

This month’s volunteer musician for the clients @ the Caritas Community Kitchen is Sahara Smith. We are looking forward to it – thanks Sahara!

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Admiral Fallow/Boots Met My Face
Lucinda Williams/Blessed

Michael Fracasso heads west in support of his terrific new CD “Saint Monday”. Check out his web site for more information. We are also looking for house concerts this autumn – will travel for shows!

Moonlight Towers will be performing at the CMJ conference next month – we are proud!

This month’s Friday Kitchen Concert is former Austinite Jean Caffeine – she’s moved back! Thanks Jean for reaching out to us and offering to volunteer right when you got back to town.

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The Better Halves/ Tête à Tête

Matt The Electrician is touring basically everywhere and through the first of October. It all starts this month – in August – check out Matt’s tour schedule on his web site which is located here.

Ana Egge has moved to another agency – we will miss her but wish her all the best. Before she goes, we do want to announce the fall CD release tour ComboPlate Booking booked for her. You can see the dates on her myspace page located here. Congratulations on the new CD Ana.

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Ricky Stein is this month’s Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer at the Caritas Community Kitchen. We are looking forward to it – and thank you Ricky!!

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Jack Harris/The Flame & The Pelican

JULY 2011
Michael Fracasso plays Woody Fest this year and then hits the road for a midwest tour. Be sure to check out his web site for more information!

This month’s Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer is Kalu James. Thank you for volunteering Kalu!

Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/comboplatebooking We are posting news on the roster and information on shows. Let us know if you have any links or information to include on ComboPlate artists.

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Vanessa Lively/Uncovering Stones

JUNE 2011
Big news: A.J. Roach was named as one of the WINNERS of the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk competition last month. We are very proud of him and he is now the third artist on the roster to have this high honor (Nathan Hamilton and Nels Andrews are the other two).

Matt The Electrician’s new CD “Accidental Thief” hits the streets this month. It’s a great one and available at Waterloo Records in Austin and online through Matt’s web site – get your copy today. Also, Matt will be playing an instore at Waterloo on June 14th – hope to see you there!

A huge thank you to Aly Tadros for volunteering for this month’s Friday Kitchen Concert. We are excited to host you at the Caritas Community Kitchen this month!

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Eliot Bronson/Blackbirds

MAY 2011
Be sure to go online or to Waterloo Records here in Austin – and get copies of Michael Fracasso’s “Saint Monday” and Moonlight Towers’ “Day Is The New Night”. Both CDs came out last month and have been getting great reviews. Congratulations Michael & Moonlight Towers on TERRIFIC new records!!!

Moonlight Towers hits the road for 3 weeks this month – the will be playing 18 shows in 18 days… we hope they make it back in one piece! Their tour hits TX/LA/TN/NC/VA/PA/NY/IN/IL/IA/MO – check out the dates on their web site right about here. Thanks for spreading the word on their tour!

This month’s Friday Kitchen Concert at Caritas’ Community Kitchen will feature Jenifer Jackson – thanks Jenifer for volunteering – we know everyone at Caritas will love your songs!

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Sarah Jaffe/Suburban Nature

APRIL 2011
Thank you to everyone who came out to the Roster Party / SXSF Benefit for Caritas of Austin at Gueros. And thank you to everyone who donated online – we raised over $2800! You’re all AWESOME!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

Michael Fracasso’s new CD – Saint Monday – comes out on April 26th – his CD release party will be the same day, 8pm doors at Justines. Hope you can come out!

Moonlight Towers’ new CD – Day is the New Night – comes out on April 12th – their Austin CD release show will be at Antones on April 30th. Hope you can come to this show too!

We are very excited that Jessie Torrisi has volunteered to be the musical guest for the Friday Kitchen Concert this month at Caritas. Thanks Jessie!

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Elam Blackman/Friend

MARCH 2011
March means SOUP! SXSF – South By Soup Fest to be exact! First, We are proud to be hosting 3 days of music for the clients at the Soup Kitchen at Caritas of Austin. This showcase is private and for the clients only. This will be our TENTH year to host the SXSF showcase at Caritas! To get everyone else in on the fun, we will have our our Roster Party & South By Soup Fest Benefit for Caritas at Gueros once again. Full details here and lineup below:

March 16, Wednesday, 1:30pm-8:30pm
Gueros Taco Bar, 1412 S Congress Ave, 512.447.7688
1:30-1:50 Jiminy Crisket
2:00-2:40 Elizabeth McQueen
2:50-3:30 Michael Fracasso
3:40-4:20 Matt The Electrician
4:30-5:10 Moonlight Towers
5:20-6:00 Eric Hisaw
6:10-6:50 Monahans
7:00-7:40 AJ Roach
7:50-8:30 Elliott, Rose & da Costa

Don’t forget – you can make a donation to our annual fundraiser for Caritas online as well: www.firstgiving.com/southbysoupfest. Having the online page allows us to double our efforts so thank you everyone who donates online! We also want to take the time to thank all of the local businesses who have donated the raffle prizes this year: Gueros Taco Bar, Opal Divines, Iguana Grill, Hoboken Pie, Torchy’s Tacos, Flipnotics, Satellite Bistro, Apothecary Cafe, South Congress Massage, Open Ears Concerts, Wyldwood Shows, The Ginger Man.

February means FOLK! Five artists from the roster will be at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Memphis this month, February 16-20. Please come by the ComboPlate Booking Rm#1824 for our Open House & ITR on Friday & Saturday 2-4pm. Michael Fracasso, Matt The Electrician, A.J. Roach, Ana Egge & Nels Andrews – and Laura – will be around the whole conference. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon! The complete schedule for our private showcase room is here:

2:00-4:00pm Cursing Kerouac Showcase ITR – Featuring A.J. Roach, Nels Andrews, Anthony da Costa, Robby Hecht, Nuala Kennedy, Danny Schmidt, Carrie Elkin, Raina Rose
10:30pm Ana Egge
11:00pm Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus
11:30pm A.J. Roach
12:00am Michael Fracasso
12:30am Matt The Electrician
1:00am Abigail Washburn
1:30am Nels Andrews
2:00am J. Wagner

2:00-4:00pm ComboPlate Booking Open House
2:30-3:30pm ComboPlate Booking ITR – Featuring Michael Fracasso, Matt The Electrician, A.J. Roach, Ana Egge, Nels Andrews
10:30pm Michael Fracasso
11:00pm Melissa Greener
11:30pm Matt The Electrician
12:00am A.J. Roach
12:30am Nels Andrews
1:00am Nuala Kennedy
1:30am Ron Sexsmith
2:00am Ana Egge

2:00-4:00pm ComboPlate Booking Open House
2:30-3:30pm ComboPlate Booking ITR – Featuring Matt The Electrician, A.J. Roach, Ana Egge, Nels Andrews
10:30pm Matt The Electrician
11:00pm Nels Andrews
11:30pm Vanessa Lively
12:00am A.J. Roach
12:30am Ana Egge
1:00am John Fullbright
1:30am Jiminy Crisket
2:00am Elam Blackman

Looking ahead, the ComboPlate Booking Roster Party & South By Soup Fest Beneift is scheduled for Wednesday, March 16th at Gueros Taco Bar once again. Thank you to Gueros for being so good to us! As usual, a private SXSF showcase is being scheduled for the clients of the soup kitchen as well. It’s going to be busy, busy, busy!

This month’s Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer at Caritas is going to be Steve Brooks. Thank you Steve for filling in for the cancellation we’ve had. We are looking forward to it!

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Aretha Frankline/The Age of Aretha

Feliz Ano!

We are very excited about 2011 as over half the roster are releasing CDs this year – actually it looks like there’s a good chance that each artist on the roster might be. Help!

The Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer this month is B. Sterling. Thank you B. for taking time out of your work day to volunteer.

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Arvo Part/Sanctuary
Arvo Part/Very Best of Arvo Part

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