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December 2014
Our December newsletter can be found online by clicking here. You can also subscribe to receive our monthly newsletter there as well. Thanks in advance for signing up and for sharing with friends.

Matt The Electrican is playing a special New Year’s Eve show at Strange Brew – Southpaw Jones, Seela & more artists will be there! Advance tickets should be online soon, get your folk on & get your ticket before they are all gone.

Mike McCarthy is this month’s Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer. He reached out to us after his friends Nick & Paige volunteered and told him about it. We love when that happens. Thanks for volunteering Mike, and we look forward to hearing your songs!

!!Happy Holidays everyone!!

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Daughter/If You Leave

November 2014
In this month of Thanksgiving, we would like to thank each and every one of you who take the time to visit our web site. We have so much gratitude for your support of this amazing roster of musicians we are so honored to represent. Thanks be to YOU!

Moonlight Towers releases their 4th full length CD this month. And good news, it’s also available on vinyl for you vinyl lovers out there. The new record is “Heartbeat Overdrive” and can be purchased at Chicken Ranch Records or at their November 12th instore @ Waterloo Records. Congratulations guys on another great record.

This month’s Friday Kitchen Concert is Bronwynne Brent. We met Bronwynne at the Folk Alliance conference this past February, and it will be great to see her live. Thanks for volunteering!

It’s a little early, but March 18/Wednesday has been confirmed for our annual ComboPlate Booking Roster Party and South By Soup Fest Fundraiser for Caritas of Austin. Mark your calendars, and don’t worry, we will remind you…

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Jack Wilson/self-titled
Alejandro Escovedo/Real Animal

October 2014
As we have been getting lots of inquiries lately – we wanted to say we are not adding to the roster at this time, thank you!

Reminder, Laura is working remotely from Australia all of this month, and she will be posting random photos each day on the ComboPlate Facebook page. The photo a day album can be found here.

Big thanks to Jimmy Joe Natoli for hosting the Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer this month. He has his good friend Paula Maya lined up to volunteer. Any friend of Jimmy Joe is a friend of ours! Thanks to both of you for volunteering and keeping the series alive during Laura’s remote workplace experiment.

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Lucinda Williams/Blessed

September 2014
Laura will be visiting friends in Australia and working from there for 6 weeks starting September 24th. Please use email as the primary way to communicate during this time. Phone calls can be scheduled and text messages will be checked several times a day. Thanks for taking part in this telecommuting experiment with us!

This month’s Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer is Jaimee Harris. We heard Jaimee singing with Seela and BettySoo recently, and we can’t wait to hear her own songs at Caritas.

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Ryan Bingham/Mescalito

August 2014
This month marks our 15th Anniversary! ComboPlate Booking began when Laura was still working as a social back in August 1999. You can read all about it on our press release: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/08/prweb12071915.htm
To celebrate, we decide to have an In-The-Round showcase with three of the artists we have worked with the longest who happened to all be free on August 9th: Michael Fracasso, Nathan Hamilton, Beaver Nelson. The showcase will be at Taco Xpress, and we will also be collecting food for the soup kitchen at Caritas of Austin. Details for our 15th Anniversary Party & Food Drive for Caritas can be found our on FB event page here. We hope to see you there, and thank you for your support the past 15 years!

This month’s volunteer musician is Lauren Silva.   We have a feeling the diners at the Caritas soup kitchen are really going to enjoy her sweet pop soul sound.   Thank you for volunteering Lauren!

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Hayden Karchmer/Company

July 2014
As always, we have our monthly newsletter with show listings and more information online… you can view July here & you can also subscribe to receive it at your email address: http://eepurl.com/X3qqz

This month’s Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer is indie pop band Charlie Belle. We first heard about Charlie Belle through EAR Studio’s Facebook page. We are looking forward to seeing them perform at Caritas – and big thanks to the trio for volunteering.

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J. Wagner/The Runaway Kid

June 2014
Congratulations to Matt The Electrician for being selected for the Texas Commission on the Arts Texas Touring Roster 2014–2016. We are proud of you Matt!

This months Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer is our friend Chris “Kanude” Knudsen. We are excited to be hosting him, and if you haven’t heard about the Austin Artist Series at St. David’s Church, Chris is the host and you should definitely check it out.

May 2014
This month’s Friday Kitchen volunteer is Richard Paul Thomas. We met Richard at SWRFA, and he’s volunteered to drive all the way from Salado to volunteer. Thanks RPT!

Reminder that our artists LOVE to play house concerts and private events. Thank you for keeping our roster in mind…

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JP Hoe/Mannquin

April 2014
Thanks to everyone who made SXSF @ Caritas & SXSF @ Gueros such a big success… to my husband & friends who volunteered, to Jimmy Joe who runs sound every year at the kitchen, to Becca my intern, to all of the musicians who volunteered, to Gueros who lets us have our event there each year, to everyone who donated online, to everyone who donated at the roster party, to all of the local businesses who donated to the raffle… there were so many people who made SXSF 2014 such a great year. As of our last tally, we raised $4159.90! I always think it is amazing to find such generosity during all of the SXSW commerce taking place. YOU ALL ROCK!!

We are hoping to grow our roster this year, and our first announcement is that we are proud to be adding Curtis McMurtry to the ComboPlate Booking family. Curtis will be releasing a record he made with James Stevens (of Moonlight Towers) & Will Sexton later this year. Welcome Curtis!

This month’s Friday Kitchen Concert volunteer is Nick & Paige. We can’t wait to hear their songs. Thanks to Eric, February’s volunteer, for recommending them.

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Gregory Alan Isakov/The Weatherman

March 2014
It’s slowly but surely getting warmer in Austin this month, and we hope it warms up in time for soup. March means SOUP! SXSF – South By Soup Fest of course. For the THIRTEENTH year, we are proud to be hosting 3 days of music for the clients at the Soup Kitchen at Caritas of Austin. This showcase is private and for the clients only. Free & open to the public, we will have our our Roster Party & South By Soup Fest Benefit for Caritas at Gueros once again. This will be our 11th year at Guero’s and our TENTH year to raise money for Caritas! Full details here and lineup below:

ComboPlate Booking Roster Party
SXSF – South By Soup Fest Benefit 2014

March 12, Wednesday, 2:00pm-9:00pm
Gueros Taco Bar, 1412 S Congress Ave, 512.447.7688

200-220 The Better Halves
230-250 Rebecca Loebe
305-345 Beaver Nelson
400-440 Moonlight Towers
450-510 Robby Hecht
525-605 Matt The Electrician
615-630 Jacques Spiry of The WiseGuys
645-725 Nathan Hamilton
735-805 Megan Slankard
820-900 Michael Fracasso

Don’t forget – you can make a donation to our annual fundraiser for Caritas online as well: www.firstgiving.com/southbysoupfest. Having the online page allows us to double our efforts so thank you everyone who donates online, and last year we raised over $3000. We also want to take the time to thank all of the local businesses who have donated the raffle prizes this year: Gueros Taco Bar, Opal Divine’s, Hoboken Pie, Satellite Bistro, Opa’s Coffee & Wine Bar, The Soup Peddler, East Side Pies, Whip In, Fino Restaurant Patio & Bar, Bouldin Creek Cafe, Jo’s Coffee S.Congress.… and more to come.

February 2014
February is FOLK. This year Laura, Nels, Matt & Michael will be attending the FAI conference in Kansas City. We are looking forward to seeing old & new friends. Please come by our booth and say hello. We are also proud to be hosting a private showcase room once again, featuring our artists and several of our friends: ComboPlate Booking, Room 752
Our complete schedule can be found right here:

10:30pm Lost & Nameless Orchestra
11:00pm Michael Fracasso
11:30pm John Fullbright
12:00am Nels Andrews
12:30am Caleb Sweazy
1:00am Matt The Electrician
1:30am Amanda Pearcy
2:00am Robert Steel

2-2:30 ITR: Anna Vogelzang, Anthony da Costa, Devon Sproule
2:30-3 ITR: BettySoo, Robby Hecht, Nels Andrews
3-3:30 ITR: Raina Rose, David Berkeley, Rebecca Loebe
3:30-4 ITR: Amy Speace, Matt The Electrician, The Sea The Sea
10:30pm The Sea The Sea
11:00pm Matt The Electrician
11:30pm Jenny Ritter
12:00am Michael Fracasso
12:30am Ali Holder
1:00am Nels Andrews
1:30am J Wagner
2:00am Richard Paul Thomas

2:00pm-3:00pm Comboplate ITR Featuring:
Michael Fracasso, Matt The Electrician, Nels Andrews
3:00pm The Wilhelms
3:30pm Kris Delmhorst
10:30pm Raina Rose
11:00pm Nels Andrews
11:30pm The Wilhelms
12:00am Matt The Electrician
12:30am David Berkeley
1:00am Michael Fracasso
1:30am Anna Vogelzang
2:00am KC Turner

This month’s Friday Kitchen Concert volunteers is Eric Bettencourt.   Eric just moved to town and we are so happy he agreed to volunteer.   Thanks Eric!

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Gary Graves/Till The End of Time

January 2014
Regarding artist submissions/inquiries… I am not actively looking to add anyone the roster, but thank you for your interest.

Happy new year! We can just feel it… 2014 is going to be awesome. Thank all of you for your ongoing support. We could never do it without you.

Laura is available by email only through January 11th. Thank you for your patience…and support of her taking a break. :)

This month’s Friday Kitchen Concert volunteers are our very good friends The Better Halves. We are so grateful for them rising to the occasion when Laura is out of town. Thank you Jimmy Joe & Chrissie – we love you!

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Wolves As Friends/Small Goodbyes

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